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Martin Hansson Stars In Rättskiparen (The Referee)

“In some strange turn of fate, Swedish channel SVT1 decided in early 2009 that it would behoove their nation to get a glimpse into Martin Hansson’s run up to the World Cup just finished. One year under the camera’s glare for a look into the life of Sweden’s best referee. You’ll know, of course, of the sharp turn the focus took in the late fall, when Thierry Henry handled the ball which became the goal which sent France to South Africa at the expense of Ireland. What was a simple documentary became a year in the life of the man who oversaw one of the biggest botched calls in recent footballing history.” (World Cup Blog)


Pelé as a Human

“At the end of the episode entitled ‘Brazil’ in the excellent documentary series The History of Football, Pelé offers the interviewer a few comments on his own footballing genius. He declares that just as there can only ever be one Michaelangelo and one Beethoven, so can there only ever be one Pelé. Why? Because, he says in Portuguese, “my father is a closed shop.” When the female interviewer fails to laugh, he repeats his words in English, and adds a snipping motion with his finger. ‘Do you understand?’ he says, now staring at the camera with his world famous grin. ‘My father is a closed machine.'” (Run of Play)

Pelé v. the Animals
“Why do you watch ESPN instead of Animal Planet? Cute uniforms aside, bears are stronger, giraffes are faster, and kangaroos can jump much higher. Why watch a species that struggles to lift over 300 pounds or run a mile in under four minutes? More intriguingly, how did such a feeble runt of a species come to rule the planet? Luckily, two classic moments from Pelé provide answers.” (Run of Play)

(Run of Play – Pelé)

Liverpool 1 Trabzonspor 0: match report

“After the red card, the red face. Joe Cole, always eager to please, was so keen to make a good impression at Anfield last night, following Sunday’s dismissal against the Arsenal, that he grabbed the ball when Liverpool were awarded a penalty in front of the Kop.” (Telegraph – Henry Winter)

Babel secures slender lead for Reds
“Ryan Babel handed Liverpool a 1-0 advantage in their Europa League play-off against Trabzonspor at Anfield but Joe Cole’s miserable week continued. Babel, playing as a lone striker for a much-changed Reds side, struck in injury time of an otherwise dismal first half.” (ESPN)

Liverpool 1-0 Trabzsonpor – Video Highlights, Recap, and Match Stats – Europa League
“Liverpool opened the play-off qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League with a first leg match against Trabzonspor at Anfield. The match highlights can be found here at Free Soccer Highlights.” (The 90th Minute)

There Goes the Neighborhood

“The past few years have seen an influx of investors from the Far East, India, and the Middle East looking to break into the English game. Worries about diluting the purity of the English game have become the issue du jour. These sentiments are not restricted to England. Italy has struggled with the introduction of “others” into Italian society. France’s inverse love affair with African and Arab populations is well documented. This same narrative can be found in immigration debates in the United States where conservatives continuously harp on about our immigrant nation losing itself through, well, immigration.” (Nutmeg Radio)

Man U, Chelsea and a Bunch of Stiffs

“With just one game played in the new Premier League season, the standings are basically meaningless—we’re the equivalent of 50 yards into a marathon, when the guy in the gorilla costume is still in with a chance of the lead. But there’s no escaping the fact that the opening weekend has left English soccer’s top division with a familiar and somewhat ominous look: Chelsea and Manchester United occupy two of the top three spots and are already two points clear of their biggest title rivals.” (WSJ)