Liverpool As England

“From the perspective of someone who’s barely been paying attention, one of the more intriguing stories of the offseason has been the weird swerving of the Liverpool crisis-drama, which is still producing twists well into its 24th act. Just when you think the action is about to go stale (with trembling hand, Martin Broughton places a phone call to the Royal Bank of Scotland), they go and follow up the not-one-hundred-percent-intuitive Roy Hodgson hiring by signing Joe Cole, thereby forcing you to realize that, waltzing Elizabeth, the dominant cultural influence in the Anfield locker room next season is going to be…English.” (Run of Play)


Celtic’s Champions League failure is down to flawed transfer policy

“The impact of Europa League football for a second successive year will be felt more strongly on Celtic’s balance sheet than on the morale of supporters. The likely sale of Aiden McGeady has shown mere participation in the Champions League represents the difference between a heavy annual loss and a lucrative financial year for either half of the Old Firm. On the field, the Glasgow duo’s diminishing standing actually makes the Europa League a more viable environment.” (Guardian)

The Premier League Previews 2010/11 Part 7: Chelsea – Next Stop, The Champions

“It was an optical illusion of Escher-esque proportions, but Chelsea went into their final match of last season uncertain of whether they would win the Premier League championship and the FA Cup Final against Portsmouth might even have turned out differently had Kevin Prince-Boateng not missed a penalty for Pomey with the scores tied at 0-0.” (twohundredpercent)