Zambia may have destiny on their side

“Romantics will watch and read the story of the Zambian football team’s poignant visit to a Gabon beach with a tingling feeling on their skin as goosebumps form and a stinging in their eyes as they blink back tears. Few sporting tales cause such emotion and this one could not have been scripted any better.” ESPN

Zambia’s remarkable journey makes them winners regardless
“Together they walked slowly to the coastline, singing in unison. Once there, and despite the entourage, a gentle ocean breeze and the swish of waves kissing sand were the only sounds. A team, representing a nation, stood in silence. Those present laid flowers. A few said prayers, many shed tears. The coach Herve Renard stood solemnly behind his players and observed, a mix of pride, sorrow and conviction in his eyes. Kalusha Bwalya, the country’s greatest ever player, laid a wreath. Zambia united in grief and remembrance.” FourFourTwo

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