1990s Month: Keegan’s Entertainers

“You could always guarantee entertainment at St James’ Park under Kevin Keegan. The goals may not have always been at the away team’s end, but it made for an engaging afternoon nonetheless. The drama, the joy, the heartache; it was all condensed into ninety minutes every week, and it made Newcastle one of the most appealing aspects of English football in the 1990’s.” The Equaliser

1990s Month: Denmark’s European Adventure
“Danish coach Richard Moller Nielsen was on the brink of the sack following Denmark’s failed attempt at qualification for the European Championships in 1992. Nielsen had become sick of seeing his Danish side play beautiful football but lack positive results. He tried implementing his unique managerial approach with the team, but it resulted in one of their most vaunted players – Michael Laudrup – quitting the international game in protest at Nielsen’s playing style. What Nielsen, his squad, and the media didn’t know at the time was that it was an event which would turn out to be for the greater good.” The Equaliser


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