Daily Archives: August 1, 2011


“‘We are ourselves’ — that’s what Jürgen Klinsmann wanted to teach the players of Bayern Munich. He wanted them to ‘open up’; he wanted to get to know them, to ‘look inside’ them, to meet their emotional needs. It was a philosophy of liberation — of helping players to get beyond the Wanderer in a Sea of Foginhibitions of consciousness, back to some easy inner self. The Inner Game of Football. Zen. From Songs of Experience back to Songs of Innocence.” Run of Play


Batista must have thought he was safe as houses

“Just before the Copa America he signed a contract to be Argentina boss in the coming set of World Cup qualifiers. Argentina had not sacked a coach in decades – either they had resigned or had reached the end of their contract. Why would it be any different now? On his record over the past year, Sergio Batista is unfortunate to have been ousted – with former Leeds and Sheffield United midfielder Alejandro Sabella lined up to replace him.” BBC – Tim Vickery

Venezuela’s Loudest Cheerleader

“The ubiquitous nature of Twitter in celebrity circles ensures that us less exalted types are always kept up to date on their thoughts whenever an event of significance is occurring and it was no different at this year’s Copa America. But amongst all the usual Latin American ex-players, silicone enhanced models and other two-bob celebrities, the most compelling account to follow was that of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez (@chavezcandanga).” In Bed With Maradona

“Just Fantastic” – Just Fontaine

“Just Fontaine is a name etched in the folklore of the World Cup. His goalscoring exploits for France in the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, where he scored 13 goals in the tournament, are legendary and the record he set there has yet to be surpassed by any player since. Born in Marrakech, Morrocco in 1933, Just Fontaine made his professional debut playing for Casablanca, where he grew up. There, he won the Moroccan championship and the North African championship in 1952.” French Football Weekly

Analyzing the Liverpool Midfield

“It’s not even August, and Kenny Dalglish has been busier than the Pitt-Jolies’ au pair brigade when it comes to restocking the barren midfield corps that awaited him last January. Well, it’s perhaps disingenuous to call it barren; more like, not stocked particularly well. Like if a $30 dish at a fine dining establishment boasted signature ingredients like soap, anchovies, a box of Rice-A-Roni, and a plunger. All things you might need, but not at once. And so, without so much as blinking an eye, he’s signed just about every midfielder ever so much as whispered about in the paragraphs of a transfer rumor mill.” Run of Play