Barcelona 5 Everyone else 0/1

“Another week another five-star performance from Barcelona, when you see such artistic brilliance every game it is easy to get complacent. It’s very difficult to take in and appreciate at times, you could question the level of the opposition which is what many do but that would be wrong as these are very good sides. The fact of the matter is if you put this Barcelona up against a Tottenham, Juventus or Bayern Munich next week the result would be very much the same. That’s not to say when they come up against Arsenal in February that they will do the same to them, a lot can change by then and as this team has been trained to reach two peaks in the season following the World cup.” Laligathemidlandsview’s Blog

La Liga Lowdown, Jornada 16: Barcelona hit five in emotional Catalan derby
El derbi Barceloní, as it’s referred to in Catalan – the meeting of FC Barcelona and Espanyol, one of Spain’s fiercest rivalries, took place at the Cornellà-El Prat stadium this weekend. However, this time round Espanyol were fighting for more than just their pride. They were fighting to stay in 4th place in the race for Champions League qualification.” Just Football

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