Daily Archives: December 16, 2010

Section 14 (B)

“Start talking about legislation and most people will more than likely switch off. I realise it’s not the sexiest of subjects, or even a particularly interesting word. But it’s one that football fans should take a good deal more interest in, or at least the bits that refer to them specifically. You see, football supporters in the UK are amongst the most heavily legislated-against groups in our society.” In Bed With Maradona

Estudiantes leave their mark

“On Saturday, Italy’s Inter will play in the final of the Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi. While the tournament may currently be seen as a diversionary exhibition for FIFA, its predecessor, the Intercontinental Cup, achieved a level of notoriety in the 1960s, particularly following an infamous game between Milan and Estudiantes in 1969 that resulted in broken bones, red cards and mass arrests. It was a battle that established the Argentinean club’s formidable reputation for anti-futbol, and damaged the competition’s integrity.” ESPN

The Defense Never Rests

“Defensive domination in soccer differs radically from defensive domination in, say, American football. In football a great defensive team (think of the Baltimore Ravens from a few years back, or the ’85 Bears) overwhelms the offense, drives quarterbacks into panic, makes people hurt. But when soccer teams defend exceptionally well, the experience—for the opposing team and for observers also—is more like a subtle but accretive disorientation, a cumulative frustration. It’s “negative football” not in the Mark van Bommel you-never-know-when-I’ll-go-for-your-knees sense, but in a mathematical way: an iterative algorithm of subtraction, as the opponent’s offensive opportunities are reduced and reduced until their each possession seems to occur under a minus sign.” Run of Play

Is the four-man midfield a white elephant in the Serie A?

“Amidst some financial struggles, affecting Roma and Bologna, and some deepening stumbles, affecting everyone, to get victories, this campaign produced a strange, almost unnatural feel to the Italian game. One of the primary reasons why AC Milan is currently on top of the chart, at 36 points, is that the Serie A, as a whole, didn’t have anyone naturally picking up Inter’s fading role as a leader. Besides, Milan’s system was more structured at the top end of the pitch than usual.” The 90th Minute

Bridging The Divide: Fans and Owners.

“On Monday night, in a positive move, John W Henry and Tom Werner sat down at the club’s TV station to answer questions from fans on how they plan to run the club. Despite this bold decision, it may take a while for Liverpool’s new owners to speak the same language as the club’s fans. We may share English as a mother tongue, but there are cultural differences that may lead to a few misunderstandings along the way.” Tomkins Times