Time must be called on Roy Hodgson’s tenure at Liverpool

December 31, 2010

François Perrier, Olinde et Sophronie sur le bûcher
“With the derisory and ironic chants of ‘Hodgson for England’ from the Anfield crowd ringing fresh in his ears, following Liverpool’s stunning and stultifying 1-0 home loss to then bottom-placed Wolves, coach Roy Hodgson committed probably the final fatal two verbal missteps in what has been a tortuous six-month reign.” SI

The Media Narrative In Full Swing.
“Originally published on July 1st 2010. As much as I remain a fan of the Guardian and its football output, I continue to find Paul Hayward’s take on Liverpool as daft as any I’ve encountered. But it’s not like I’m being wise after the event…” Tomkins Times

An historic year in review
One of the most dramatic years in the history of Liverpool Football Club is almost at an end, so we asked those who support, work for and write about our famous institution for their reflections on 2010. From new owners and boardroom battles to a change of managers and on-the-field pain, the last 12 months will never be forgotten by those who lived through them.” Liverpool FC

100 football blogs to follow in 2011

December 31, 2010

“The year of the blog? Very possibly, especially with the current batch of outstanding sites out there which have grown, improved, developed and cross-pollinated in recent time. Aided by social media, an increasingly specialised selection is out there, waiting for you to wade through and bolster your knowledge of the game, and I thoroughly recommend losing yourself in as many of the following as possible.” Guardian

Games of 2010: 10-1

December 31, 2010

“The ten most interesting football games of 2010.” Zonal Marking

La Liga Shuffles to End of Year Shambles

December 31, 2010

“It appeared that the biggest cultural change to life in Spain since the controversial 1986 deregulation of the ham market was just too much for a small chunk of the country’s work force. Being unable by law to smoke in bars – without exceptions or loopholes, this time – from the 2nd of January and having to play football on the same day apparently caused such a rumpus for Spain’s dilettante, pipe-puffing footballers that their union went to court to request the suspension of any activity, on Sunday, involving kicking a ball about in front of paying punters – even the meagre handful who bother to turn up to see either Getafe or Mallorca.” Football 365