Interview with a Writer: Paul Tomkins

“The first instalment of our Writers series is with noted sportswriter, Paul Tomkins. Paul has authored 9 books now, including his most recent work, Pay As You Play, an inside look at the financial implications of winning in the Premiership. Paul and his collaborators created a new metric, TPI (Transfer Price Index) to evaluate the transfer performance of managers since the inception of the EPL. Applying the precision of an accountant to the at times “intuitive” nature of football transfers, Pay As You Play depicts a much more accurate picture of which managers are great at what they do and which aren’t (although they may claim otherwise!)” 12 Yards Footy

Mutual respect for mediocrity spawned this fine bromance
“We’ve all had enough pain. We’ve all had enough misery and dissembling. But the next 24 hours will bring more, although it will be disguised as a heart-warming story of friends re-united. Gerard Houllier returns to Anfield tomorrow and he will be met there by his great friend Roy Hodgson. If you had Roy Hodgson’s away record, you too would have many friends in football. Since August 2009, Hodgson has won two league matches away from home, so it is no surprise he is greeted warmly wherever he goes.” Independent

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