Book Review: African Soccerscapes

“This slim volume, from a scholar fast developing a reputation as a leading expert on the history of African soccer, has hallmarks of a high level research monograph but transcends the genre with its impeccably researched trawl through the development of the game on the continent. Football is important for Africa.” (thetwounfortunates)


Video Of The Week: France – Black, White & Blue

“This week’s ‘Video Of The Week’ is from the ‘More Than A Game’ Series, and focusses on the history of football in France, as seen through the prism of immigration. As Jean-Marie Le Pen seemed singularly unable to grasp, much of the success that the French national football team has had has been at least partly due to to immigrant players. This documentary, which was screened in Britain as part of the ‘World Cup Stories’ series during the run up to the 2006 World Cup finals documents the history of a national team which gave the World Cup to the game and then took almost seven decades to win the competition.” (twohundredpercent)

Rare Struggles for Argentine Powers

“Two of the most popular teams in Argentina — River Plate and Boca Juniors — and their legions of frenzied fans are not a happy bunch these days. The two clubs have long dominated the game in the South American nation and in the capital, Buenos Aires, but they are trapped in the lower half of the first-division standings more than halfway through the Clausura (closing tournament).” (NYT)

Rafa Benitez: Should he stay or should he go?

“As we approach the climax to the 2009/10 Premiership season, Liverpool are still battling for major prizes and have plenty to play for. However, had Liverpool fans been told last May that their team would be battling for 4th place and The Europa League, many probably would have scorned in contempt. Yet, with only seven league games remaining the Reds have a huge fight on their hands to salvage pride and respectability from what, last May, promised to be an enterprising, possibly even watershed year.” (Just Football)

The Blog Files #1: Just Football interviews Barcelona Football Blog

“Football bloggers. Does a more committed collective exist anywhere in football, across any cross-section of the game? Not only are they dyed in the wool supporters and students of the game themselves, but they also give up a large chunk of their own free time to create, debate, muse, argue, serve and inform a wide and varied audience of fellow football fanatics, all the while managing to balance the additional demands of running a website, creating regular content, handling the boring administrative nuts and bolts and just generally keeping informed.” (Just Football)

Soccer’s Obama Moment: South Africa’s World Cup In Context

“Millions around the world are counting down to June 11, 2010. That’s the date the first soccer World Cup ever to be played in Africa will kick off in Johannesburg, South Africa. If you haven’t taken notice beyond Charlize Theron’s antics at the drawing or just don’t care, it’s time to become a fan or at least pay attention. Pay attention because South Africa hosting the World Cup will be a historic moment of first black president proportions.” (nutmeg radio)