Doctor Battles to End Warfare on the Field

 Iraq, Sept. 18, 2008
” ‘If you come to Bruges,’ said the Belgian doctor, ‘I have something to show you that will make your spine run cold.’ In Bruges, he handed over a video that he, the senior medical officer for a game played by 260 million people around the world, has put together. It is a catalogue of fouls of such ferocity, such crude intent to harm, that do indeed numb the senses. Dr. Michel d’Hooghe said nothing. He watched his visitor as the video ran. A foul in the Newell’s Old Boys versus Rosario Central derby in Argentina, in which the boot was raised deliberately into the head of an opponent at fearsome speed. A foul by a Glasgow Celtic player who landed one boot on the neck of a fallen opponent, and at the same time the other boot on his victim’s ankle.” (NYT)

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