Daily Archives: October 7, 2009

Pro Vercelli: The Boneyard, Part III

“I thought about just posting the screenshot of the match report with no commentary, under the theory that what you fill in with your own imagination would be more intense than anything I could describe. But that isn’t really true, and besides, you don’t need this one to be made more intense. Even buffered in prose, this one is intense enough. Off we go.” (The Run of Play)

Rangers & Celtic: The Decline Of The Northern Empire?

“Arsene Wenger might think the Scots are still influential in Europe, but he’s about the only person left who does. It being October, it must be just about time for Scottish football pundits to do their usual soul-searching, surveying the wreckage of another failed qualification campaign for the national team, while both the Old Firm sit bottom of the European groups and all the various other qualifying round defeats are already forgotten along with most of the names of the East European teams who inflicted them. Plus ça change, as the French might put it.” (twohundredpercent)