Daily Archives: October 14, 2009

Stopped short of the ultimate game

The Penitent Magdalen in a Landscape, Annibale Carracci
“The closing minutes of the World Cup qualification campaign is a time of great joy for those who have booked their places, and a time of sadness for those who have missed out. With its collection of great players from all over the planet, Europe’s Champions League is the place to be week in, week out. But the World Cup has its special magic precisely because it comes around once every four years.” (SI – Tim Vickery)

The young man with a deadly left foot

“The German national team can breathe a little easier after their win against Russia secured their spot in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. One goal from Miroslav Klose was all it took, but it was Mesut Oezil who got the ball to Klose’s foot. After fielding a pass from Lukas Podolski, Oezil approached the goal from the left and drew the keeper out. He faked a shot, which the keeper fell to the ground to block. With the keeper out of the picture, Oezil quickly snapped a pass to Klose in front of the goal who completed the play for the score.” (DW-World)