Routledge Classic

“With those at the top of the table experiencing an autumnal crisis at the moment and Middlesbrough taking dramatic steps to offset this earlier today, it was my chance to assess the progress of one of the pretenders last night. Queen’s Park Rangers’ start to the season had been sluggish, with too many stalemates peppering their progress, but a notable win at Cardiff and hefty hammerings of Barnsley and Preston have followed – and the Super Hoops are now looking dangerous.” (thetwounfortunates)

The Gate Closes – Southgate Sacked!
“After a bad night’s sleep, I was stunned to finally wake up, switch on the computer to trawl the usual websites and come across early stories about Gareth being sacked by Sir Steve. This was my first exposure to the news, a sympathetic and regretful article by Rob Nichols – who was probably as close to the manager as any supporter was likely to get – that compared his departure with that of Lennie Lawrence.” (Smog-Blog)

Championship Chow: Abu Zaad
“An inexpensive rundown of dish promised much, and so it proved. Tempted as we were by a full range of hot and cold starters (another visit might see me take the meze route), my dining companion and I opted for Farrouj Abu Zaad, a dish of lightly spiced baby chicken and the Kastaleta, dainty lamb cutlets.” (thetwounfortunates)

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