Liga MX

“The Primera División de México (Liga BBVA MX for sponsorship reasons with BBVA through its Mexican subsidiary BBVA México), is the top professional football division of the Mexican football league system. Administered by the Mexican Football Federation, the league comprises 18 clubs with plans to add 2 more teams. The season has two tournaments: Apertura, which starts in the summer, and Clausura, which starts in the winter. … Of the 56 teams to have competed in the league, América has won the title 13 times, followed by Guadalajara (12), Toluca (10), Cruz Azul (9), León (8), UANL and UNAM (7). The current league champions are Cruz Azul, winners of the Guardianes 2021 tournament. …”
W – Football in Mexico


1 thought on “Liga MX

  1. Hi, Bill:

    I’m a big fan of Liga MX.

    Favorite team now is probably America, after recently watching their left winger (Mauro Lainez) use and abuse the Philadelphia right back, in the first leg of their CONCACAF matchup.

    Announcers call him MOW-RO. Very good player.

    Lots of good teams in Liga MX. Very underrated league.

    I bought 2 Mexico soccer T-shirts after they came out attacking against Germany (2018 in Moscow) and Hirving Chucky Lozano scored this goal:

    cheerio –


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