Sport Italia

“If anyone had any doubt about sport’s ability to warp society, Simon Martin’s sumptuous Sport Italia will leave them without arguments. A nation, remember, only since 1861; Italy has survived its first one and a half centuries by following the path described in Benedict Anderson’s influential book, Imagined Communities – and sport has played an integral part in that. Witness the birth of the Giro d’Italia cycle race, launched by a newspaper in La Gazzetta dello Sport that has intervened on many occasions to reflect the interests of politicians, businessmen and lobbyists. Witness also the carefully constructed reputation Italy forged for itself as a motoring nation, both on the track and the autostrada.” thetwounfortunates

Book Review : Sport Italia By Simon Martin
“Italian football is currently at crossroads. Having slipped down in the UEFA rankings in recent years, Italian football has lost its sheen of last two and half decades – a world cup win changed little in the way the game is run. However, it is not just Italian football which is at crisis – the entire nation faces challenges in multiple fields. Italy, which possesses one of the most unstable political systems among developed nations, is on the brink of bankruptcy. Under such circumstances Simon Martin’s ‘Sport Italia’ is a timely and very significant publication. It speaks at lengths about Italian football, but it is not just about football. It takes a holistic view at the deeply rooted relationship between Italian society and sports – it talks about Italy.” The Hard Tackle

Sport Italia: The Italian Love Affair with Sport
“The Italian love affair with sport is passionate, voracious, and all-consuming. It provides a backdrop and a narrative to almost every aspect of daily life in Italy and the distinctively pink-colored newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport is devoured by more than three million hungry readers every day.” amazon

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