The Liverpool Crisis: Where Are the Lords and Masters?

“As the week has worn on, the situation concerning the ownership of Liverpool Football Club has descended into chaos. With each passing day, the tug of war for the ownership of the club has passed through low comedy, drama and bathos to the point that has started to feel exhausting. There is too much information. There are too many conflicting opinions. And with this exhaustion comes a feeling of profound depression and the feeling that, for all that we could have told the world – indeed, have tried to tell the world for several years – that it was always likely to end up like this, this situation has spiralled out of all control. If football supporters in England hadn’t had the extent to which their game has been taken away from them spelled out in plain enough language over the last twenty years or so, they surely have over the last week or so.” (twohundredpercent)

English Premier League, Week 8 Preview: EPL Talk Podcast
“Did you miss us? Kartik Krisnaiyer, Laurence McKenna and I missed yo during out near-two week break, with the EPL Talk podcast going silent during the international break. With players returning to their clubs, the show is back to look ahead to the eighth match day in the English Premier League. There is, however, this small news story to discuss first, with Liverpool on the verge of being sold to a different set of American owners. For the first half of the show, we talk about the slow and merciless end to the Tom Hicks, George Gillett era at Anfield.” (EPL Talk)

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