England 0-0 Montenegro: England outnumbered in the centre and too predictable on the flanks

Bonaparte Visiting the Plague Victims of Jaffa, Antoine-Jean Gros
“Roughly a 50:50 split between a lack of English creativity and some good Montenegrin defending produced a goalless game at Wembley. England went with their expected side – Peter Crouch and Wayne Rooney upfront, with Adam Johnson on the right and Ashley Young on the left, both cutting inside onto their stronger feet. Aside from that, Capello had few options and the choices were straightforward.” (Zonal Marking)

Match of the Midweek: England 0 – 0 Montenegro
“In all honesty, the excitement that surrounding England’s two opening wins against Bulgaria and Switzerland passed very quickly indeed. The post-South Africa combination of jitters and lethargy seems to be lingering over the national team like an unwanted smell and even the press build-up to this match – Look! Rio’s Back! – doesn’t seem to lift the feeling of torpor surrounding a European Championship qualifying group that feels more like a chore. The only thing worse than qualifying would be not qualifying. In the tunnel before the match, Steven Gerrard appears to be holding a Wham! bar and, during the national anthems, Wayne Rooney maintains the facial expression of a man that could quite do with a roll-up. It’s that sort of evening.” (twohundredpercent)

England 0-0 Montenegro – Video Highlights, Recap, and Match Stats – Euro 2012 Qualifying
(The 90th Minute)


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