A Points Deruction For Liverpool: Theoretically Possible, But Almost Certainly No

Check out the hunting unit, Philips Wouwerman
“The lead story on the BBC Football website this afternoon may have given Liverpool supporters (who, it has to be said, are now getting close enough to feelings of perpetual panic to be able to warrant the soubriquet ‘long-suffering’) further palpitations. After the confirmation that a sale of the the club to John W Henry’s New England Sports Ventures had been agreed, the BBC is now reporting that the ongoing legal wrangles that have inevitably followed the confirmation of the sale agreement may yet force the club into administration and that this may mean that the club incurs a nine point deduction.” (twohundredpercent)

FC Utrecht 0 – 0 Liverpool: A paradox of players committing themselves and managers holding their horses
“FC Utrecht qualified for European Football by winning last year’s Eredivisie play-off and their Europa League qualification campaign, starting back in July, saw them defeating KF Tirana, FC Luzern and last but not least, former European Champions Celtic. Especially notable was the 4-0 home triumph over the higher rated Scottish side that featured in the Champions League group stages in three out of the past five seasons.” (11 tegen 11)

Hodgson overwhelmed by high expectations as Liverpool manager
“Roy Hodgson always was likely to face two problems at Liverpool: that his football was too boring for the fans, and that his training was too boring for the players. A certain stodginess leading to long-term grumbling was perhaps to be expected, but what nobody predicted was that Liverpool would be as bad as it has been so far this season, and that there would be immediate outrage.” (SI)

Deluded Liverpool fans off-target
“Like many of you I have been astounded by the shocking situation at Liverpool this season. Beaten last weekend by Blackpool, which is the football equivalent of Muhammed Ali being beaten up by a dwarfer, they find themselves in the bottom three and the fans are not happy.” (Three and In)

Chairman holds the cards but Tom Hicks vows to come out fighting
“Tom Hicks, the embattled co-owner of Liverpool, maintained today that he will fight the high court action launched by the Anfield chairman, Martin Broughton, to force the American to sell the club to New England Sports Ventures, the owners of the Boston Red Sox.” (Guardian)

One Response to A Points Deruction For Liverpool: Theoretically Possible, But Almost Certainly No

  1. Louie says:

    As a United fan, its no skin off my back to see Liverpool sitting 3rd from the bottom…in fact…


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