New Mexico/BYU’s Bitchslap

“ESPN ran a story about a recent match between BYU and New Mexico’s women’s teams which has become infamous for the elbows-to-the-ribs and ponytail-yank antics of New Mexico player Elizabeth Lambert. Fans of the sport are groaning, because this is what it takes to get a non-Olympics/World Cup/WPS Final into headlines – replays of bitchslap.” (From a left wing)

Is this the world’s dirtiest female footballer?
“The hair-pulling defender has become an internet sensation after being seen hitting, kicking and, in one instance, pulling an opponent down by her hair during a game against Brigham Young University. When questioned about Lambert’s actions, team coach Kit Vela said: ‘Her actions clearly crossed the line of fair play and good sportsmanship’.” (Telegraph)

ESPN does an ACTUAL story about the New Mexico/BYU match
“Watch this interview with a local reporter (Jared Lloyd/Desert News) who covered this match. He points out that the “refs allowed” for a “physical game” – and offers a well informed perspective on the tone of the game (explaining New Mexico’s use of a physical style of play to break up BYU’s movement up and down the field).” (From a left wing)

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