The brutal beauty of Morocco’s Soccer Ultras

The Raja Ultras, led by the Capo (in lime green jacket standing on the railing between levels) fill the stadium with drum lines, chants, and songs.
“Zakaria Belqadi stands on a railing before a hoard of fans in the cheapest section of Le Grand Stade de Marrakech. He raises his arms, and the stadium begins to throb with the voices of young men. The song they sing has become well-known across the Arab world, and its lyrics have almost nothing to do with soccer: ‘In my country they abuse me … Only [Allah] knows, in this country we live in a dark cloud.’ These are fans of Raja Casablanca, one of Africa’s most successful soccer teams. Raja has won 11 Botola (Moroccan domestic league) championships and seven various Confederation of African Football (CAF) titles, among other honors. For many young men in Casablanca’s poorer neighborhoods, Raja has become a way of life, and the team’s ‘ultras’ fan clubs have even become organized, politically active and occasionally violent. …”
Africas a is Country
W – Raja Casablanca
YouTube: Raja Casablanca Ultras – Best Moments (Aug 26, 2016)


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