Mohamed’s departure and a sea of red cards come with Club América’s record title

“I’ve always wondered what would happen if the bears from Goldilocks sipped porridge and sat around watching a soccer game. Papa Bear, a Louis van Gaal disciple, would say ‘this team plays too defensively.’ Mama Bear, ever the optimistic moderate, would proclaim ‘this team plays just right.’ Baby Bear, exposed to José Mourinho at too young and impressionable age, would say ‘this team doesn’t play defensive enough.’ In the second leg of last night’s Liga MX final, Papa Bear would have been right. At least, in regard to Tigres. While the challengers boasted one of Liga MX’s best defenses this past season, as we noted earlier, goals win championships in Mexico, not clean sheets. Tigres beat Club América 1-0 on Thursday in leg one because rather than dropping deep, it advanced its lines and took the game to the Aguilas.” Soccer Gods


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