Why are there so few black football managers?

John Barnes
“An interesting piece here from Matt Slater. Sadly, this isn’t a new piece. In 2004, the BBC wrote a similar piece. The piece said then that one in four football professionals was black yet there were only three black managers. Since the breakthrough players of Viv Anderson, Cyrille Regis, Lawrie Cunningham and so on there have been a number of generations of black players come through the ranks.” (Left Back In the Changing Room)

What we can learn from Rooney, Dan Rooney
“Perhaps the worst row I’ve had in my scribbling career came when a press officer at a Premier League club accused me of racism. We had written a story about whatever issue everybody was talking about that week and buried the launch of an anti-racism rap that had been recorded by a couple of the team’s players. To give that story secondary importance was racist, the PR man claimed. I disagreed and tempers flared.” (BBC)

Super San Siro primed and ready for All Blacks
“San Siro. Or, Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, if you prefer. As it looms into view along Via Patroclo, it makes famed rugby grounds like Ellis Park or Millennium Stadium look more like the local town domain. Eleven concrete towers, all 50m high, loom above the third tier of seating to prop up the distinctive roof of red girders which ominously cuts the skyline.” (NZHerald)

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