Where’s Willer? A Brazilian in the East

July 15, 2009

Brazil Forro, front
“Summer in the east. After a short break in June which felt almost as long as the frozen abyss of winter, football across eastern Europe is underway once more on green fields and under blue skies, half a continent and a whole world away from the frenzied din of a Bernabéu unveiling. And yet something is missing.” (SoccerLens)

Shaking Loose from the Soil (Foot Smoke)
“Alright, alright, fine. Blogging isn’t journalism. Lines divide the two fields. Professional journalists get paid, for example. Us amateur bloggers usually don’t. We toil in the nervous spaces between working on the internet and “working” on the internet, or between trips to Starbucks and withdrawing more trust-fund money.”

From Brisbane Road to the Bernabeu (BBC)
“Exactly 20 years ago, on 15 July 1989, one of the most remarkable careers in English football history came to a sudden and tragic end in a car crash on the outskirts of Madrid. Laurie Cunningham was only 33 when he died and spent most of the peak years of his career playing abroad.”

Ade Out, Whose In And Eddie’s Up For It (A Culture Left Foot)
“First off, it’s still rumbling on. Still no offer, Manchester City still wittering on about a deal to be done but now adding the word ‘possibly’ to sentences, hinting at either belated or utterly insincere diplomacy. Amazingly, the City way is exactly the same route that Chelsea followed when Abramovich came in: the basest way.”

Kuduzela Blows Its Horn for 2010 (allAfrica – Business Day)
“SANPARKS, with 2010 Soccer World Cup sponsor First National Bank and the 2010 local organising committee, has launched a new musical instrument to rival the vuvuzela at next year’s World Cup.”

Why the Stalemate on Samuel Eto’o (allAfrica – Cameroon)
“Is it a problem of discipline, personal conflict with the coach, some club officials or skin colour? These questions have been on the lips of most soccer lovers and media headline since the transfer saga between Samuel Eto’o and FC Barcelona was made public. Despite helping his club win the Kings Cup, the Spanish League title ‘La Liga’ and the Champions League, after scoring thirty-four goals, Samuel Eto’o has never been accepted by some FC Barcelonan club officials.”

Robson: Capello’s doing a great job (FIFA)
“Bryan Robson wants Fabio Capello to continue to ride his luck during his tenure at the England reins. The Italian has steered the side to the brink of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.”