In Argentina, fans from the same team fight

July 13, 2009

“The English hooligan problem was at its worst outside Britain, when fans went to international matches abroad. Violence in Argentine football, by contrast, has reached a point in recent years where it is rarely even a confrontation between the hardcore fans of rival teams.” (Reuters)

To Unite Diverse Communities, a Soccer Tournament of Skill (NYT)
“An international summit meeting convened recently in Manhattan with delegates from countries including France, Jamaica and the United States. After a good start, the negotiations, as so often happens, soon got bogged down. The main sticking point was how to define national identity. Ireland and Greece formed an unlikely partnership, pushing for tight regulation, while the Ghanaian delegate advocated a more laissez-faire approach.”

Ground-sharing: Should it be a taboo? (Pitch Invasion)
“There is something of a buzz walking into your rival team’s stadium. Being in a small minority of a group of away supporters is surely part of it; you’re outnumbered, but you’re hungrier and louder as a response. Everywhere around you is enemy territory. It’s not home; it’s unfamiliar, it’s foreign, it doesn’t belong to your club.”

Wither Jozy? (That On Point)
“Maybe it’s just me, but hasn’t this been a rather quiet “silly season”? Aside from the Real Madrid money press snatching up stars and Manchester City linked with every single player alive, it’s been rather dull. (Not that I mind.) ”

Liverpool learns high cost of doing business in the Premier League (SI)
“Liverpool manager Rafael Benítez is not a happy man. In the past few seasons, he’s had his own way in the transfer market, happily signing 3-4 big-name players each summer, spending an average of $70 million across the last four.”

The 8 Second Red Card (The Offside)
“Ze Carlos set a highly dubious record this weekend in Brazil, getting sent off despite being only the third person to touch the ball after the opening kickoff – 8 seconds for the foul, 15 seconds for the card – for an errant elbow…or two.”


July 13, 2009

“Arthur Antunes Coimbra (… born 3 March 1953 in Rio de Janeiro), better known as Zico, is a former Brazilian footballer and coach. Often called the White Pelé, he is commonly considered one of the most skilled dribblers and finishers ever and possibly the world’s best player of the early 80’s.” Wikipedia, Planet World Cup, YouTube