10 reasons why soccer is better than football

July 12, 2009

“Soccer is known as the ‘beautiful sport.’ It takes a skill and finesse to play, and it requires just about every athletic trait, such as speed, endurance, and coordination. Some of the most athletic moves in sports come from soccer, such as the bicycle kick, and the spinning step over.” (examiner)

As Real Madrid Packs in Players, Some Must Go (NYT)
“Now may not be the best of times to be Dutch in the city of Madrid. As preseason training began this weekend at Real Madrid’s labyrinthine Valdebebas complex, the scene might have resembled Grand Central Terminal in New York City. There are so many new arrivals, and so many on the way out, destinations uncertain.”

Scotch Christians and the 1902 Ibrox Disaster (More Than Mind Games)
“Later, they blamed the rain for bringing the stand down. The eventual toll from the accident on 5 April was 25, but the deaths took time: the stand collapsed on a Saturday, and by the following Wednesday the count was still only 21.”

Switching On To Football: An American Supporter Awakes… Part 1, Switching On To English Football: An American Supporter Awakes… Part 2 (EPL Talk)
“After hearing from fellow Americans who follow the Premier League, I’ve been pondering the idea of coming to English football as an outsider. Here’s how my own love affair from distance got started…”

Inside Soccer: Hope for Heaps and a big Iraq win (Universal)
“For a brief time Wednesday, as the minutes flowed toward conclusion of the U.S. Men’s National Team’s 2-0 win over Honduras in a Gold Cup match in Washington, D.C., it appeared Jay Heaps just might achieve the dream of every American soccer player. For some 15 minutes, he had been warming up on a small patch of grass behind one of the goals with five other U.S. substitutes. No more than three players could be called.”

The Monday Miscellany (Footballing World)
“For most of the World Cup qualifying campaign so far, there has been a ‘big team in trouble’. Initially it was France, after their dire opening day defeat to Austria, 3-1 in Vienna. They, though, sorted themselves out, beating their main qualification rivals Serbia 2-1 at the Stade de France four days later and are now likely to finish in the play-offs at worst.”

A Kid’s Letter to Alexi Lalas (Foot Smoke)
“Dear Alexi, You seem like a pretty cool guy, for a ginger and a hippie. Actually, that’s why I like you – cause you’re a ginger but you make fun of yourself for being a ginger.”

Football: Europe’s top 40 summer transfer targets (Guardian)