Soccer Dives: Simulation Is Just a Part of the Game

“Last Thursday, the World Cup opened with the play nobody wants to see: an appallingly incorrect penalty call. After a pass came into the penalty area, Croatian defender Dejan Lovren lightly touched Brazilian forward Fred, who had the ball at his feet, on the shoulder. Instantly, Fred threw his arms in the air, opened his mouth to scream, and fell to the ground like a popped balloon. The referee whistled a foul, and Brazilian star Neymar scored on the ensuing penalty kick. The goal turned out to be the winning one in a match that seemed destined to end in a draw. There is no call more controversial in soccer than the penalty. Quickly after Fred’s flop, nearly every soccer forum in the world ridiculed the call as a refereeing failure.” Vanity Fair

The Officiating Apologist: Time to get over the World Cup ‘gaffes’
“The outrage a Fred’s flop in the box during the opening game of the World Cup has been pervasive. I know that the American sentiment is that diving or ‘simulation’ is an egregious affront to good sportsmanship, but most people that have soccer as their primary source of sports entertainment view it as a part of every day life. Sure, some players are more regularly overdramatic in their dives, but as it stands now, being able to sell a call is a skill in international soccer, and Fred executed, and it payed off for his team.” The Rhino and Compass

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