World Cup 2014: How Costa Rica’s ‘bulls’ shocked the world

“The world may have doubted Costa Rica, but Costa Rica never doubted themselves. As their players embraced, danced in front of their fans and grabbed banners thrown from the stands, it was hard not to reflect on something manager Jorge Luis Pinto had said about being drawn in a group with three previous World Cup winners. ‘We love the group. The braver the bull, the better the bullfight.’ True to his word, there has been a fearlessness about Costa Rica – a belief that anything is possible and reputations mean nothing.” BBC

A Central American Mouse Roars
“There was less than 20 minutes left to play here on Friday when a bundle of three balloons — red, white and green, the colors of Italy’s flag — floated down from the stands and onto the field. The balloons snaked slowly around the center circle, past several players who were jogging to join play on the far end of the field. But when the bundle glided into his path, Mario Balotelli, the enigmatic and hugely talented Italian striker, stopped. He fixed the balloons at his feet and stomped on them with his spikes, one by one, until there were only bits of latex left littered on the grass. As a metaphor, as a poetic image, it was almost too perfect.” NY Times

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