Mexico Sings Praises of Its Goalie

“It is a hard thing to have your voices heard over tens of thousands of people who are screaming at the same time, hoping to drown you out, but that did not stop the fans of Mexico here Tuesday from trying and trying and trying. Dressed in red and green shirts, they formed a few watermelon-color splotches around the capacity crowd of Brazilian fans in yellow and chanted tirelessly toward the field for two hours. When the final whistle blew, their voices were the loudest ones heard in Estádio Castelão, and their varied songs were whittled down to one: the name of their goalkeeper, Guillermo Ochoa — or as they endearingly call him, Memo. Facing one of the premier attacking lineups on the planet, Ochoa made several spectacular saves to lead Mexico to a 0-0 draw against Brazil.” NY Times

World Cup Tactical Analysis: Brazil 0-0 Mexico
“With three points and the prospect of leading the group in sight, both teams set up with nothing held back. In a group stage game where Brazil failed to score for the first time in 36 years, the Mexicans showed great resistance in keeping Brazil at bay.” Outside of the Boot

Stalemate shows Brazil must improve
“Irony, sweet irony; the Seleção actually played a better game than they did last Thursday against Croatia but ended the afternoon with a 0-0 draw and a lot of soul searching to do instead of a win. More than the failure to score and the fact they were dominated by Mexico for long periods of the game — thankfully, Miguel Herrera’s team had poor aim with their array of long shots — Brazil will now be asking themselves if they can really live without a plan B to put ahead of Monday’s encounter with Cameroon in Brasilia.” ESPN

Guillermo Ochoa’s Spectacular Saves, In GIFs
“They are already building a statue for Guillermo Ochoa in Mexico City—at least they should be. The Mexican keeper—and free agent!—put on a masterclass Tuesday, nullifying a deadly Brazilian offense on its home soil. Ochoa’s areobatics earned his side a crucial point against the tournament favorites, setting up an exciting conclusion to Group A. In the famous words of Andy Gray: Take a bow son. But enough about that, you came for the saves. Things got started early.” New Republic


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