World Cup Tactical Analysis: Uruguay 1-3 Costa Rica

“After a successful 2010 World Cup, expectations were high for Uruguay. But those that haven’t followed Oscar Tabarez’ men should know that the South Americans struggled in qualifying while retaining an almost identical squad from four years back. Their opponents, Costa Rica, were being over-looked by most in the highest ranked World Cup group. But while viewers can be forgiven for this, Uruguay were guilty of almost ‘expecting’ a victory rather than earning it.” Outside of the Boot

A Few Words on Uruguay’s (Very Tight) Shirts
“I was the only person in my local café watching Uruguay vs. Costa Rica, the first game in Group D. I knew there would be more interest for England vs. Italy. Egyptian love for Latin American teams extends mostly to Brazil and Argentina.” New Republic

A Nation Teased by a Stale Promise of Supremac
“Few in Uruguay will have heard of the English man of letters Cyril Connolly. Yet his most famous phrase — ‘Whom the gods wish to destroy they first call promising’ — would not be lost on a country used to auspicious starts. The seeds of Uruguayan exceptionalism were sown early. After the country hosted and won the inaugural World Cup, in 1930, the president of the Uruguayan Football Association gave a moving speech in which he stated his expectation that the country take its place as the first among all nations.” NY Times

Costa Rica vs. Uruguay Highlights (Video)

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