Your Ultimate World Cup Twitter Guide

“Why Watch & Tweet? If you can’t watch a World Cup match, then you should be on Twitter following micro-rants that break news and breath life into a digital stream. (Actually, you should be reading our live blog, which will be delivering so many gifs that you’ll feel you’re watching the actual game.) Even if you can watch, you might still want to have Twitter open on a second screen. Why? Because it’s like watching with a bunch of your friends–really smart and connected ones, funny ones, and a lot of idiots–except you don’t have to smell, share a bathroom with, kick out, or clean up after any of them. How to Follow Specific Teams & Matches. To find and share content specific to a country, simply follow and use the applicable hashtag. Each of the 32 countries has a three-letter abbreviation. They are…” Fusion


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