Italy soccer dispute becomes national case

“Italy is the land of divisions: North vs. South; left vs. right; religious vs. secular. In soccer, perhaps no division is as bitter as the one between fans of the two Rome teams, AS Roma and Lazio. Now, a dispute between the two teams over a crucial match Sunday has spilled into politics and become a national case. On Sunday night, Lazio lost 2-0 at home to Inter Milan, the club that is locked in a fight with Roma for the Serie A title.” (Google)

Totti Cuts Loose
“Yesterday afternoon I watched the final of the Coppa Italia, a match between Inter Milan and Roma, Serie A’s two top teams, at an Italian soccer café on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Despite being ’emblazoned in the gold and burgundy hues of Rome’s soccer team’ and offering ‘a restroom emblazoned with oversized trading card pictures of the team players,’ the café attracted only three native Italian speakers for the match, all Inter supporters. The game was shown on some sort of jerry-rigged glorified computer monitor. The sound system blared volume from an English Premier League match being shown on the proper high-definition, flat-screen TV above the Italian game. It seemed only fitting that the Coppa Italia final turned out to be the ugliest match of the 2009-2010 European soccer season.” (Vanity Fair)

Totti Vs. Balotelli: Italy’s Double Standard
“We’ve written a bit about the issues facing Mario Balotelli in Italy. While many have been quick to direct blame squarely on the youngster, Francesco Totti’s actions yesterday went a long way towards showing the double standard that exists in Italian football when it comes to the treatment of its petulant football stars. For those who didn’t see the horrific incident near the end of the Copa Italia final, below is a clip of Totti’s attack on Balotelli.” (Nutmeg Radio)

Inter Milan vs. AS Roma (footytube)

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