Tactical analysis of England’s system

May 25, 2010

“With just a couple of weeks until the World Cup begins, this was a game posing more questions than offering solutions for Fabio Capello. Whilst England recorded a 3-1 win, they were outplayed and outpassed by a technically superior Mexico side for large parts of the game. Few individual performances stood out for England – Glen Johnson was awarded the man-of-the-match award, presumably solely for goal, but this was one of his weaker displays; he looked very uncomfortable up against Mexico’s extremely high winger, and contributed little in attack. That he was England’s best player sums up what a poor show it was.” (Zonal Marking)

Prediction: U.S. Will Beat England In World Cup
“Psychology is not to be underestimated when it comes to sport, especially the World Cup and soccer. In this summer’s clash of the giants between the United States and England, I believe the game will not come down to who is the better team on the day, but will instead focus on which team is more psychologically prepared to overcome its opponent. And for that reason, I predict the United States will defeat England.” (EPL Talk)

England win but Fabio Capello finds more questions than answers
“It would have been more satisfying if this friendly had conformed to the tradition of irrelevance. There was instead a good deal for England to reflect on after a night when the losers showed more polish. The modest satisfaction for the home team lies in the knowledge that they still imposed their will.” (Guardian)

England vs. Mexico

World Cup Tales: The Story Of The First World Cup, 1930

May 25, 2010

“It should come as no great surprise to any seasoned FIFA watchers that the entire history of the organisation has been about its politicking, and still less that this has frequently extended itself into the hosting of its showpiece tournament, the World Cup. When we go back as far as to look at the formation of the organisation, we see one that was at its very formation unilateralist and was riven from its very early days with divisions between nations from different parts of the world. So, how did FIFA and the World Cup come to be, and how was it that an organisation that was largely based in Europe came to hold the first major tournament under its own complete control in a country of just three million people in South America?” (twohundredpercent)

For Nike, women are only good for laughs

May 25, 2010

“People seem to like Alejandro Iñárritu’s ad for Nike’s 2010 World Cup campaign (‘Write the Future’). I don’t. Women appear in it only as sex objects and jokes. Below is a survey of the three moments in this ad in which women figure…” (From A Left Wing)

10 World Cup Questions: Algeria

May 25, 2010

“If you’re unfamiliar with World Cup Blog, then allow me to explain: The blog you’re reading now is the front page, but the core of WCB is the multitude of team specific blogs, including one for each of the World Cup 2010 teams. The authors of these team blogs have forgotten more about their sides than I’ll ever know, so I decided to tap that knowledge by asking each of them a set of 10 questions. Today it’s the turn of Omar from Algeria World Cup Blog. Read on to learn all about Les Fennecs…” (World Cup Blog)

Goals of the Season 2009-10

May 25, 2010

Dejan Stanković
“In the hope of provoking plenty of debate, disagreement and downright indignation, Football Further proudly presents – in purely chronological order – its Goals of the Season 2009-10…” (Football Further)

Algeria eager to make up for lost time

May 25, 2010

“England’s World Cup rivals Algeria have one of Africa’s most fascinating footballing histories, packed full, as it is, with passion, pedigree and political intrigue. But it is also irrevocably bound up with France. This complex relationship has, at times, defined Algeria’s independence, while also showing its lack of it. Plenty of Algerian talent has risen through French academies before going on to play for Les Bleus, as best exemplified by the great Zinedine Zidane.” (BBC)

My First World Cup: Daniel Alves

May 25, 2010

“Brazil defender Daniel Alves has told the BBC his team have the best players ahead of the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa – and that he has not minded having to wait seven years to make his debut in the tournament.” (BBC)

Football Weekly: Treble top for Inter and José Mourinho

May 25, 2010

“It’s the final Football Weekly of the season, and James Richardson’s got Fernando Duarte, Paolo Bandini and Barry Glendenning in the pod to celebrate and commiserate in equal measure. We start of of course with the Champions League final. Internazionale claimed an historical Treble after the beat Bayern Munich 2-0 at the Santiago Bernabéu. And with José Mourinho now all but certain to join Real Madrid – can the galácticos rightly claim to be managed by the greatest coach around?” (Guardian – James Richardson)