Book Review: Why England Lose

“Meta: I’ll be away until Monday, which is really quite handy given the transfer window’s just closed and it’s an international break. I will miss the three-year anniversary of this blog tomorrow, but that’s no great shakes. Here’s a book review to hold you over. Don’t break anything.” (oh you beauty)

Why England Lose by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski
“And now we have Why England Lose, a self-conscious attempt to write the Moneyball of football. If anyone can do it, it ought to be these two authors – Szymanski has recently published the best introduction to sports economics, Playbooks and Checkbooks, while Kuper is probably the smartest of the new generation of super-smart sportswriters. Unfortunately, their new book is a bit of a mess. It shows that doing a Moneyball is not as easy as it looks.” (Guardian)

Book Review: Why England Lose
“During this period of transfer window gossip and rumour, it is encouraging that there are those who are thinking deeply about the ‘Beautiful Game,’ to shatter some of the myths we hear daily. Simon Kuper (author of the excellent ‘Football Against The Enemy’) and sports economist Szymanski, delve about as far as is possible from the ‘will-he-won’t-he’ type journalism we are served up every day, to analyse a number of major talking points.” (101 Great Goals)

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