Barca rout Atletico

September 20, 2009

“Barcelona continued their superb start to the season and signalled their intentions to reclaim the Primera Liga title with a stunning 5-2 victory at home to Atletico Madrid on Saturday night.
Pep Guardiola’s side got off to the perfect start when summer signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic bagged his third goal in as many league starts after just two minutes at the Nou Camp.” (ESPN)

Barca Thrash Atletico Yet Again; FC Barcelona – 5, Atletico Madrid – 2
“For the second time in a row, Atletico Madrid’s visit to Camp NOu turned out to be a nightmare. But it was better than last time, I mean they score one more and conceded one less too this time around. With this heavy defeat Atletico’s start to the season has gone from bad to worse. First half goals from Ibrahmovic, Messi, Alves and Keita, and an injury time strike from Messi condemned Atletico’s to their heaviest defeat this season.” (All About FC Barcelona)

FC Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid Highlights
“I am not exactly sure whether tehse videos will remain forever. Youtube may remove them soon. Till then enjoy.” (All About FC Barcelona)

Spanglish 104: Arbitrary Arbitroooo

September 20, 2009

“Alright class, it has been brought to my attention from a group of cantankerous students that I have not taught you the darkest of arts- referee complaints. While normally I would bite my thumb at the mere hubris of a student requesting an addendum to my carefully planned curriculum, I realize my oversight has hindered a key aspect of pro soccer enjoyment.” (futfanatico)

Debating Different Types of Fandom

September 20, 2009

“Throughout my life I’ve been both types of fan, loyalist and leach, depending on the sport. There is logic and even romance in each. But as I age I’m attracted more and more to the latter, to the Chuck Klosterman sort of sports fandom that resembles musical taste – polygamous and fickle. I think this is common for a lot of modern sports fans, the mass consumers of entertainment that we are. But such anti-affiliation, although aesthetically pleasing and easy, undercuts some of the most fundamental aspects of fandom no matter how much it tries to objectify a sport.” (Foot Smoke)

Pro Vercelli: Earthquakes Are Anecdotes

September 20, 2009

“Remember how we never win a match at the San Siro? And how, not counting the Champions League final in 2020, which was against Manchester United and thus not exactly at the San Siro, we haven’t done so in this decade, or at all since a highly random 4-3 win over Inter in the Champions League quarterfinals in 2019? And remember how I have a huge psychological hangup about this, and while not exactly intimidated by Inter and A.C. Milan—hard to be intimidated by teams you so roundly excel in most competitions—still go into each new season with the thought that those six points are essentially out of play more or less openly in mind?” (The Run of Play)