Mexico 2, U.S. 1: El Tri Earns Late Win at Azteca

Mexico Swine Flu
Azteca Stadium
“A tense second half ends the way all but one previous U.S.-Mexico encounter at Azteca has ended. El Tri are victorious, giving Coach Javier Aguirre his second consecutive win over the United States and boosting the national morale.” (NYT)

A Line Was Drawn at Estadio Azteca
“They would not give up their domination of their region, not in their home, not to the Americans. To a sports fan, sitting back and watching, it was admirable, the way the Mexican team regrouped, facing the disaster of a loss in Estadio Azteca.” (NYT – George Vecsey)

Player Ratings: U.S. vs. Mexico
“What a difference two weeks made … until it didn’t. For 82 pressure-packed minutes at Azteca Stadium, the United States held Mexico at arms length in a critical Concacaf World Cup qualifier between the region’s two giants.” (NYT)

Mexico Restores Order to Its Universe
“The United States took its first lead in four decades of playing soccer at Estadio Azteca on Wednesday, but the advantage proved as thin and gasping as the air at high altitude. Meanwhile, Mexico played with great patience, controlling possession along with its emotions, remaining serene despite enormous pressure not to lose at home for the first time to the Americans and further jeopardize its ability to qualify for the 2010 World Cup.” (NYT)

USA falls at Azteca again as Mexico nets late winner
“The Americans almost escaped Estadio Azteca with a point, but Mexico kepts its cool and created the game-winning chance it needed. Miguel Sabah’s 82nd minute goal off a Jay DeMerit deflection gave Mexico a 2-1 victory against the United States and breathed some much-needed life in ‘El Tri’s’ World Cup qualifying hopes.” (Soccer By Ives – V)

USA vs. Mexico (Matchday Commentary)
“The time has finally arrived. The U.S. men’s national team is in Estadio Azteca today to take on Mexico in a crucial World Cup qualifier in Mexico City. The Americans have never beaten Mexico in Mexico, but come in riding the confidence of a strong showing in this summer’s Confederation’s Cup.” (Soccer By Ives)

Mexico – USA: We Are Quasi-Live-Blogging This
“Come and hang out around, say, 3:55 pm Eastern, for a sort of live blog of the USA-Mexico game. This isn’t going to be the kind of live blog where I print the team sheets and, you know, write a lot of “things” designed to “help” the fan who isn’t watching the match. This is going to be more like an occasionally-updating commentary track.” (Run of Play)

One Response to Mexico 2, U.S. 1: El Tri Earns Late Win at Azteca

  1. soccer goals says:

    Donovan faded horribly in this game.

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