Pro Vercelli: No Time for Losers

“And I can say that with authority, because we are the champions. How are we the champions, when we’re not even halfway through the season? Keep reading. Let’s do this McKinsey-style, to bring some discipline to the lives of all the English majors in the audience.” (The Run of Play)

Pro Vercelli: The Nickel Objects of Our Dime Desire (The Run of Play)
“The two implacable enemies of a successful football club are stagnation and arrogance. Stagnation leads to complacency, to a drowsy sense of timelessness. If things have always been and will always be as they are, why should we bother being fierce? Arrogance leads to laziness and a bitter, spoiled entitlement. If we’re special for who we are rather than for what we do, why should we have to prove it?”

Pro Vercelli: Contest Results (The Run of Play)
“One of the first pieces of news I got after the Champions League final was that the board had decided to expand the stadium by more than 11,000 seats. In other words, our not-even-one-year-old arena is about to have its seating capacity increased by almost 40%. This is huge news, and it only heightens the importance of finding a good name for the place. And thus, to the contest results.”

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