World Cup is golden opportunity for Africa — if it succeeds

June 13, 2009

“The countdown has begun for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, an event, now only a year away, that could change perceptions about the whole continent and show the globe a festival of sport that reverses obstinate stereotypes of a region in constant crisis and violence.” (Reuters)

The British Transfer Record Spirals Out Of Control (EPL Talk)
“Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Torino have shelled out £100,000 to lure Dennis Law from Manchester City. Yes, it’s 1961 and the record transfer fee paid to or by an English club has broken the hundred thousand mark. Shocking.”

Your what in your hands, Carlitos? (ESPN)
“”Playing like that, we’ll win more matches’; ‘We’re still dependent on ourselves’; ‘We’re going to have our arses in our hands.’ Three members of the Argentine national side all – more or less – agreeing.”

Hiddink’s modernity slays Finland’s golden generation (ESPN)
“Guus Hiddink is a man used to rapturous welcomes. Fresh from his stint as Chelsea’s saviour, the former South Korea and Australia manager returned to the international stage to effectively end Finland’s hopes of qualifying for the World Cup, and the applause he received at the post-match press conference was indicative of the importance Russians attach to his role with their national team.”

When Do the Heads Start Eating Eachother? (Foot Smoke)
“I view billionaires from kind of the same curious perspective I view species of mysterious origin and function, like tapir or rare slime molds. I have lots of questions: How did they get there? And what do they do? If I see one, will I know it? Generally, these questions don’t have easy answers.”

World Cup 2010: football brings defining moment for South Africa (Guardian)
“The eyes of nearly a billion TV viewers are fixed on the vast Soccer City stadium. The winning team captain ­receives the trophy from a frail but radiant Nelson Mandela. The date is 11 July 2010 and, irrespective of what happened on the pitch, the true winners of the World Cup are the hosts.”

Soweto’s miracle: From strife to World Cup glow (Google)
“Having seen one impossible dream come true — the death of apartheid — Soweto is getting ready for another: the arrival of soccer’s World Cup, the most-watched sporting event on the planet. The vast township on Johannesburg’s southwest fringe is one of many which South Africa’s white rulers built to house armies of black workers banished nightly from white areas. Spartan, cramped and meagerly funded, even Soweto’s African-sounding name was a white bureaucrat’s contrivance, an acronym of ‘southwestern townships’.”

South Africa 2010: Countdown to kick off (CNN)
“The countdown to the 2010 World Cup, football’s biggest carnival, began in earnest this week with the passing of the one-year anniversary to the opening game of the event. The journey to the finals is long and challenging, with 200 teams competing across six global regions for qualification to a showpiece that will eventually see only the best 31 sides take part, along with hosts South Africa.”

History of the world transfer record (BBC)
“Just days after Real Madrid completed their chase for Kaka for a reported £56m, they look set to smash the world transfer record by paying £80m for Cristiano Ronaldo.”

Ray Clemence

June 13, 2009

“Raymond Neal ‘Ray’ Clemence, MBE (born 5 August 1948) is one of English and European football’s most decorated goalkeepers ever and was part of the Liverpool team of the 1970s.” Wikipedia, Top 50 English Players: Ray Clemence (Goal)