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Myth-busting the 2022-23 Premier League storylines – what is true and what isn’t?

“Not only was a World Cup parked midway through this football season but — more importantly — it was a campaign of great change in social-media algorithms. The hunt for engagement has never been so furious. Some of the likes-gathering community have reacted in a dishonest way, shifting to a not-exactly-true model, an impressions-first economy. Given the fact that many millions have consumed this content it feels almost ungracious to confirm that, no, Arsenal were not 11 points clear with a game in hand when they signed Jorginho. And, yes, Ederson has conceded a direct free-kick goal in his career. And no, Trent Alexander-Arnold does not have the second-highest number of goals from direct free kicks in Premier League history. …”
The Athletic


The Footballer Who Was Cancelled

Hakan Şükür should be written into Turkish footballing history. He scored the fastest goal in FIFA World Cup history, and he is the all-time leading scorer in the Turkish Süper Lig. However, in Turkey, his accomplishments have been deleted from public record. Why? Because of his apparent political position, and his subsequent exile. This is the story of how Hakan Şükür lost his place in the history books, how his close relationship with the leaders of Turkey put him in an uncompromising position, and how he had to rebuild his life in the USA.

Dortmund have Bundesliga in their grasp, Thomas Tuchel’s road safety, and trouble for Hertha

“It’s happening, isn’t it? As Borussia Dortmund and their supporters were celebrating the recapture of first spot at WWK Arena on Sunday, Edin Terzic knew that eternity was within their grasp. … We’ll hear plenty of warnings from BVB officials in the next few days to keep focus, that it’s not over yet and so forth, but in the aftermath of an utterly convincing 3-0 win away to bogey team FC Augsburg — whom they hadn’t beaten in Bavaria in three years — it felt very much as if the party had already started. …”
The Athletic