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The 10 best corner routines of the Premier League season… so far

“… Increased focus has led to more innovation, and corners are one aspect of the game to have benefited from this. Gone are the days of just putting it in the mixer. Now pre-planned moves are showing their effectiveness. In this piece, The Athletic breaks down the 10 most innovative corners this season. To narrow down the selection from more than two and half thousand so far this season to just over a hundred, only those that resulted in a goal were in contention. Additionally, the idea of the corner alone doesn’t put it into the top 10, its execution also factors into the equation. Let’s begin… …”
The Athletic (Video)


Lionel Messi, PSG and what we’re hearing about his future

Lionel Messi in Paris. Will there be another season? That is one of the most important plotlines at play at the Parc des Princes right now and, judging by this week’s latest instalment of Parisian drama, a conclusion is still some way off. On Friday, Jorge Messi, the Argentinian forward’s father, posted a dramatic message on his Instagram story. It read: ‘Danger — FAKE NEWS!!!!’, followed by emojis of an exclamation mark, a radioactive symbol and a skull. …”
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Are Bayern Munich really progressing under Julian Nagelsmann?

“Julian Nagelsmann might have imagined this stage of the season in many different guises when he resumed work after the World Cup. He almost certainly did not envisage this. His team will begin April with more games to shape the remainder of their campaign than they normally would at this stage, a legacy of the aforementioned break for the tournament in Qatar, but they will also make their way onto that road in an unfamiliar position of second place. Bayern Munich did not lose everything in Leverkusen, but any misapprehension under which they might have laboured under that this is a regular Bayern season is gone. …”
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Italy vs England: Why is the match in Naples? How safe will it be for away fans?

Italy host England on Thursday night in the two sides’ first 2024 European Championship qualifier, with the match taking place at Stadio Diego Armando Maradona in Naples. The Azzurri haven’t played in Naples for 10 years but the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) does like to take the national team on tour to grounds throughout the country. So why Naples for this England match? What is the southern city’s relationship with the national team? What can the travelling England supporters expect? And what security measures will be in place after last week’s trouble between club fans in the city centre? …”
The Athletic (Video)

The strange career of Dele Alli

Dele Alli burst onto the scene as a 16 year old for MK Dons, by the age of 19 he was playing in the Premier League with Tottenham Hotspur and scoring goals for England. Twice voted PFA Young Player of the Year he would become one of Spurs’ most important players. Yet at the age of just 26 he is in the Turkish league struggling to make an impact at Besiktas. What went wrong for Dele Alli? Seb Stafford-Bloor writes, Craig Silcock illustrates.”
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