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Analysing Mohamed Salah’s stuttering start to the season

“The stage looked set for Mohamed Salah to hit new heights for Liverpool this season. It was a summer when the uncertainty over his future was ended as he signed a new three-year contract worth upwards of £350,000 per week. He finally had the kind of deal that he felt recognised his elite status in world football. In the absence of a major international tournament, the Egyptian forward also got a proper break. He returned to Merseyside refreshed, both physically and mentally, and on a mission to break more records. Yet so far, it hasn’t happened for him. …”
The Athletic (Video)
Guardian: Liverpool running out of wriggle room and Salah’s struggles are not helping – Jonathan Wilson

The backpass rule changed 30 years ago. Is it time to look at going to the corner?

“I was watching old football matches on YouTube the other day, and a striker was standing in front of the opposing goalkeeper and waving his arms. The goalkeeper had calmly taken a pass from a teammate on the halfway line and then carried it around for 20 seconds. I know, of course, that this was allowed in the past, but at first I was irritated. The sight was so unfamiliar. …”

Liverpool and Everton cannot fix all the problems on Merseyside

“When Olivia Pratt-Korbel’s mum heard a commotion outside her home last week, she went to investigate. Suddenly, a man was running for his life towards her. In pursuit was another man who was wearing a balaclava and carrying two guns. As she tried to close the door, the gunman shot four times. One of the bullets went through Cheryl’s hand before entering Olivia’s chest. Police believe the intended target escaped by leaving the nine-year-old to die, just in front of the stairs. …”
The Athletic