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Euro 2016: How Teams Can Advance to the Next Round

“The group stage of Euro 2016 is well underway: From Wednesday until Saturday, all 24 teams will complete their second of three games of group play. And the minute those games are over, many serious fans will start to do math – in their heads, on cocktail napkins or even on spreadsheets – to determine what their teams must do to ensure a place in the knockout stage of the competition. It can be complicated, particularly in this expanded 24-team tournament, where four third-place teams will advance, but we’re here to help you sort through it all. This page provides a big-picture overview in real time, and as soon as teams have completed their first two games – as the teams in Group A and Group B have – we’ll publish a detailed page just for those teams, showing you all the ways they can make the Round of 16.” NY Times

Germany struggles to find attacking, defensive balance vs. Poland

“The good news, perhaps, for a Germany team whose defense was suspect throughout qualifying, is that it kept its second straight clean sheet of the tournament. The bad news is that it did so in the first half by an approach that lacked much in the way of attacking threat and in the second by riding its luck and through the excellence of Jerome Boateng in a 0-0 draw with Poland. Poland probably had the better of the game, certainly had enough chances in that second half to win, but will probably be content enough with a draw that all but guarantees it a place in the last 16 of Euro 2016.” SI – Jonathan Wilsona

Michael O’Neill’s gambles pay off with Northern Ireland win against Ukraine

“All roads lead to Lyon for Northern Ireland. Michael O’Neill’s squad set themselves up in Saint-Jean-d’Ardières, in Beaujolais, some 40 minutes’ drive to the north of the city. Many of the team’s supporters have based themselves in town, using the same logic of this being the perfect midpoint between Nice, the venue of the opener with Poland, and Paris, where they face Germany on Tuesday. Now, after a vital win against Ukraine in the city of the Gauls, they could well all be back here to face France in the last 16 on Sunday week.” Guardian

The Unrecognized

“It was an incongruous chant from the small crowd at a rudimentary soccer field nestled between the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea, but one that over the week would be regularly and passionately echoed from the stands. The Somaliland National Football Team, a gregarious squad representing a controversial disputed territory in East Africa, made up mostly of the children of refugees living in Europe, had become the hometown team of Gagra, a past-its-prime resort town in the similarly controversial and disputed pseudo-state of Abkhazia.” Roads and Kingdoms