Football Manager 2016 New Features Revealed

“After weeks of patiently waiting for new information we are now aware of some of the Football Manager 2016 New Features with the game due for release on November 13th. For the first time ever, you will be able to customise the appearance of your manager and see him on the touchline. This will include being able to alter height, clothing colours and upload a profile picture to get an image that looks like you or the real life manager/player that you are looking to emulate.” Squawka

Football Manager 2016 Features, Screenshots & FM16 Videos
“Finally some of the new Football Manager 2016 features have been announced throught out the last day, something I have been eagerly anticipating for a 3 month time. While Football Manager 2016 will be available for PC, MAC and Linux, Sports Interactive have not forgotten about the tablet and mobile users by introducing an all new line up of different Football Manager 2016 versions giving you the chance to play FM16 wherever and whenever – building on the mantra of FM15. New this year is Football Manager Touch 2016 and Football Manager Mobile 2016.” Passion4 (Video)


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