Christian Streich – “We all used to be refugees”

“This week, the headlines in the German football press have been all about St. Pauli’s refusal to take part in the “Wir helfen, #refugeeswelcome” project which has been created by Germany’s biggest tabloid Bild. After the paper’s editor in chief started to attack the Buccaneers viciously on Twitter, several other clubs decided to pull out of the event, among them SC Freiburg. The issue was brought up in the club’s pre match press conference, and after Freiburg’s press officer rendered an explanation for the club’s refusal, Christian Streich delivered a monologue for 8 minutes laying out his thoughts about the current crisis. Once again, Freiburg’s coach showed why he’s one of the most outspoken and intelligent men in football.” Bundesliga Fanatic

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