Football Manager 15 (beta) – reviewed

“It’s here. It landed on my Steam (metaphorical) doorstep a fortnight ago and I plunged straight in, ripping open the (metaphorical) envelope and burrowing straight into the contents with glee. There is much to like about this new version, even as a few kinks and oddities are being ironed out. The darker skin is engaging and atmospheric, redolent maybe of night-time games under floodlights (and who doesn’t enjoy those?). The interface is largely smoother, though it can take time to locate things or, where transfers are concerned for example, to see that there is a slide bar that moves away to reveal more of the information on player positions and so on that we are used to. The in-game engine produces some anomalies, particularly weak goalkeeping and a very unhealthy shots: shots-on-target ratio. It is more realistic in appearance though and seems to have greater tactical integrity in translation of what you set-up to what you see on screen.” Put Niels In Goal


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