Arshavin: Wasted Genius

“The playmaker. The number 10. The trequartista. Whatever you want to call that mischievous player who lurks behind the striker(s), these are the players that get my pulse racing. It is a particular brand of ‘number 10’ that usually gets my footballing juices flowing, usually the sort playmakers that are less ‘all-action’ and instead seem to effortlessly stroll through the game, yet somehow dictating the whole pace of the game at the same time. Incidentally, one of my favourite footballers ever is Juan Roman Riquelme, a player who lumbered so slowly around the pitch it almost appeared like you were watching a game in rewind. Yet, he was a true genius of the game with talent and skill in abundance. A bit closer to home (well, in Europe) I believed there was a player of a similar ilk, a player that completely mesmerised me every time I saw him play. Yes, he had his flaws, but to me Andrei Arshavin was (is?) a genius, if a slightly unorthodox one.” Outside of the Boot

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