Reds take an important step

“No Luis Suarez but, ultimately, no problem for Liverpool. Despite the absence of their most influential player and top scorer, Brendan Rodgers’ side proved capable of not only scoring more than two goals in a game for only the third game in the league this season but also coming from behind for the first time. Yet, although that impressive comeback puts them back into the top half and just four points off the Champions League places, it’s still hard to say where they actually are as a team. Was this win an illustration of the kind of progress Brendan Rodgers has been preaching about or a mere aberration borne of a series of oddities at Upton Park?” ESPN

The Importance of Lucas Leiva
“This writer must confess, Lucas Leiva has never been his favorite Liverpool player. The Brazilian is articulate, tidy, and one of the best holding midfielders in the world. Still, my eye is shallowly drawn to flashes of genius, readily shown by those who have the luxury of playing high up field where every twist and turn could lead to a goal. It’s only natural, I tell myself. Amongst all the excitement of watching Luis Suarez twist and turn three defenders it’s quite easy to forget how much easier the Uruguayan’s job, and those of his teammates, is made easier by the Lucas’ presence. It’s all the more shameful because this writer has long considered himself too smart to be fooled by the myth of Brazil’s jogo bonito. The Seleção figured out long ago that the only way creative players flourish is with a strong base behind them. The true keys to World Cup success have always lain with players such as Gilberto Silva or Dunga. Hardly carthorses but players that excelled at the less glamorous part of the game. Still Lucas is overlooked. For shame.” EPL Talk

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