Daily Archives: February 9, 2011

America and England Should Stick to Their Own Cultural Institutions, Complains Writer for British GQ

‘Jason Davis says most of what needs to be said about Andrew Hankinson’s crypto-snide piece on the Sons of Ben for British GQ. Hankinson’s piece somehow manages to sensationalize American supporter culture as out-of-control and scary (“There is no visible police presence today on the railway platforms…. Nothing to protect a vulnerable-looking couple in New York Red Bulls tops from a vicious assault”) while also mocking American supporter culture for being restrained and peaceful (“studenty,” “tame,” “laughable,” “hard to take seriously”).’ Run of Play, GQ – “A new breed of fan”, GQ – “America’s football factory”

The forgotten story of … Danish Dynamite, the Denmark side of the mid-80s

“Winning is for losers. Many of life’s more interesting stories focus on those who didn’t quite make it; who didn’t get the girl or the job or the epiphany or even the Jules Rimet trophy. Johan Cruyff said his Holland side of the 70s were immortalised by their failure to win the World Cup and, when World Soccer invited a group of experts to select the greatest teams of all time a couple of years ago, three of the top five sides won nothing: Hungary 1953, Holland 1974 and Brazil 1982. Lying 16th on the list – above any side from Argentina, Spain, Germany, Liverpool, Manchester United or Internazionale – was the Danish team of the mid-80s.” Guardian

Luis Suarez. The Architect of Football

“On 6 December of last year, FIFA and France Football announced the three finalists for the 2010 FIFA Ballon d´Or award. The result was a triumph for Spanish football, with all three coming from FC Barcelona. While the Catalan press rejoiced, the Madrid press also had a reason to celebrate. Although one of the candidates was Argentinean, the other two were Spanish. With Spain having just won the World Cup, the smart money appeared to be on either Andrés Iniesta or Xavi Hernández with the latter of the two a particular favourite. Although Iniesta scored the goal that won the World Cup, Xavi was the player who made Spain tick with his range and accuracy of passing. In Spain, it’s common to give players nicknames. If Casillas is the saint and Torres is the child then what is Xavi? A fitting name would be the architect that is if it weren’t already taken.” In Bed With Maradona