The Questions: 6 Questions on England v Germany

Fabio Capello
“After England’s hugely disappointing 4-1 defeat to Germany in the World Cup 2010 round of 16, asked some of it’s contributors (and a special guest) to analyse the flaws and the future for the England national team in the rebirth of a new feature, The Questions. Is it now time for serious structural change in English football?” (Just Football)

Is it time for England to ditch the 4-4-2 and play like the rest of the world?
“Terry Venables tells a story about Paul Gascoigne at Tottenham. Gazza, with his limited attention span, was forever bemoaning the time spent working on tactics. Then he went to Italy to play for Lazio. When Venables saw him next, Gascoigne had changed his tune, even admitting that, after confronting the deep and well-organised defences of Serie A, he realised how important tactics were.” (Independent)

England’s Loss to Germany
“England’s performance was in a different league of awfulness from the regular awfulness that had been seen in earlier games. Before, the problem had been one of not seeming to care; the players behaving as though they deserved to win by virtue of the size of their wages. This time they definitely cared, they were fired up, ready to go and then when they got there, they were just awful.” (The Paris Review)

An open letter to Sir Dave Richards, re: the England job
“Dear Dave, In the next twelve days, I’m told, you and the Football Association board will decide whether or not to relieve Fabio Capello of his duties as England manager. Matt Dickinson, who normally gets these things right, said on The Times podcast that you guys will most likely base part of your decision on what the media say. Given that I am a small part of the media, I’m offering up my two pence, not just on Capello, but on the England team’s future.” (The Game Blog)

World Cup 2010: Ten things Fabio Capello got wrong
“The England manager exposed his fallibility with a series of bad calls during the World Cup campaign” (Guardian)


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