Shepherd in the Valley of Darkness

“When I heard the news of the broken arm, the confession to Kolo Touré, the ‘for him, he said, the World Cup is finished,’ I did not know what to do. I sat down. I was so flustered that even my thoughts stuttered a little. ‘It’s, it’s n-n-not f-fair’ I thought. This was his World Cup. Even though ESPN is force-feeding Messi to the American public, Didier Drogba was the real face of the tournament. He wasn’t just playing for his country, he was playing for all of Africa; that’s what he’d said. Now the Ivory Coast’s chances were dashed and their matchup with Brazil in the group stage had gone from the most exciting game of the first round to another stepping stone on the seleção’s path to #6. This turn of events was tragic.” (Run of Play)


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